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"Forward" by Raymond Mason


"Forward" by Raymond Mason

June 1991 - April 2003 (c.)

"Forward" was unveiled in June 1991 in the centre of Centenary Square.

Cast in polyester resin, it represented the march of Birmingham from its smokey industrial past into the future. The figures marching forward include Joseph Chamberlain with his monocle and Josiah Mason, founder of the University, with an armful of books. The Lady of the Arts, from the city's coat of arms, blew a kiss to the past, while an actress curtsied to the Repertory Theatre.

The formula on the shoulder of the leading figure referred to DNA, representing the continuing advance of scientific discovery. The Birmingham trained scientist, Maurice Wilkins, was awarded the Nobel Prize for work on DNA.

The artist/ sculptor was Raymond Mason, Birmingham's most famous living sculptor, now residing in Paris.

Sadly at lunchtime on 17 April 2003, the statue was irreparably damaged, by fire and subsequently removed from public exhibition.

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Image courtesy of: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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Donor Ref: ' BMAG 1998v1.4  (74/7891)'
Source: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
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